Tell Governor Raimondo to get serious about cutting pollution

2017 is shaping up to be the 2nd hottest year on record for our planet, behind only 2016. However, instead of taking action to safeguard our communities from climate change, President Trump is taking us in the wrong direction.

We need to do more here in Rhode Island to pick up the slack.

Governor Raimondo has a huge opportunity right now to speed our progress. Within a matter of weeks, Governor Raimondo and eight other governors will be deciding how fast to cut pollution from power plants across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic through 2030.

To make this decision as strong as possible, we need to tell the governor to be ambitious.

Customize the template letter here and tell Governor Raimondo to get serious about cutting pollution.

The decision is imminent. The governor needs to hear from you now -- because our climate can't wait.